Thursday, February 11, 2010


Hey everyone that reads this blog, I am am really sorry about the whole issue that the software cannot be copied, i am trying to find a way to copy the app directly to the DSI.; Once i have found a way to copy the software, I will post it.

Wario Ware Snapped and Aquia added

PS. Do not download these games yet, it will be a waste of time. Wait until i have the solution.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How to Download and upload Apps

First Note: You will need a SD card and a computer which can hold the SD card.Downloading and installing the app is simple, all you do is copy the folder called "Private"or the folder "ds" onto the dsi SD card.
and then you should have working free app!!!
Now to upload, you first need to find a uploading site, I use, then you take the downloaded app on your SD card, then find the ap pfound in the "private" file. and upload the whole "ds" folder or any other folder which contains the app. Pease just then comment the link and i will see if it works, please no viruses thanks guys. Any problems then e-mail me at

have just posted the game Pyroyo,

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Welcome to the blog that will allow you to get free dsiware apps without paying a single cent!!!
Now, you probably come across blogs almost exactly the same as mine. But they all want you to pay money in the end for the apps or games that they have. But I had an idea, that I would make a blogsite that would have completley free apps from the dsiware shop!! But the only thing i ask in return is that you would email a app to me. We all got those free 1000 dsi points so, if you have a sd card. please upload the app to a upload site, and give us the link. the more apps we have the more chances you have of finding the right app!

All apps must come from the dsiware shop.